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Oral surgery


Our services in the field of oral surgery

Dr. Pilipović's dental practice performs all surgical interventions in the oral cavity, which are performed in a completely painless state for the patient and, when necessary, with the presence of a general anesthesiologist. Oral surgery includes all oral demanding interventions, such asremoval of wisdom teeth by surgery, operations on tooth roots as well as extraction of damaged or residual tooth roots. Oral surgery refers to gum surgery as well as reconstruction of the oral cavity.


Implantology is a field that attracts a lot of attention, because in this way a large number of patients who have worn DENTURES are cared for, by installing implants and making adequate prosthetic work, patients can successfully wear FIXED RESTORATION (BRIDGES).



Apicotomy is a surgical method of treating pathological changes at the top of the tooth root, when the pathological content is removed from the bone and part of the tooth root, while the tooth remains in the jaw. This procedure is performed when the tooth is to be preserved in the jaw. It is done under local anesthesia and the patient goes home immediately afterwards...


Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are teeth that sprout much later than other teeth, they are of poorer quality and break much more often. Also, there is often not enough space left for their sprouting in the jaw where all the other teeth are located. Given that the jaw is no longer growing, there is often not enough room for the wisdom teeth, so the wisdom teeth either push the remaining teeth and move them, or get 'stuck' during eruption, which can result in infection...

Pre-prosthetic surgery

It is often necessary to prepare the tissues in the mouth surgically before making some prosthetic works, prostheses or bridges, with the aim that the prostheses fit adequately in the mouth or to provide space for bridges. These interventions are usually performed on soft tissues, ie. mucous membranes of the oral cavity, but it is possible to work on bone tissues.

It is often necessary to extend the clinical crune teeth - gingivectomy with and without osteoplasty. 

One of the most frequent interventions is the extension of the clinical tooth crown - GINGIVECTOMY

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