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Dentist's advice

Instructions on proper tooth brushing

How many times a day should you brush your teeth and when?

Much more important than the number of washes is the way you do it. Deposits that remain in the space between the teeth after incomplete washing can lead to caries. Due to the deposition of these deposits, inflammation of the gums and even tooth loss occurs. That's why one effective wash would certainly be more important than three careless ones. In general, 3-5 minutes of proper brushing in the morning and in the evening is the recommended minimum.

How to use a toothbrush correctly?

1. Direct the brush beams at an angle of 45 degrees in relation to the gums. Make light circular movements, but make sure that the tip of the beam stays in the same place. The longer outer bristles of the brush remove plaque from the teeth and gums. Take 10 seconds to brush each tooth separately.

2. Then, again with circular movements, remove deposits from the outer surface of the lower and upper teeth ... Wash the inner surface of the upper and lower teeth in the same way.

3. To brush the inner surface of the front teeth, turn the brush as shown in the picture. Again, make circular movements, so that you feel the bristles of the brush between the teeth and on the gums.

4. To remove plaque from the molars, use the longer bristles of the brush.

5. Make back-and-forth movements with the brush and in this way you will remove deposits from the surface of the upper and lower molars. Then make sure you brush the last tooth in your mouth.

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