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Metal-free ceramics CAD-CAM

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Metal-free ceramics CAD-CAM technology

Metal-free ceramic is a type of ceramic used to make crowns and bridges. This ceramic gives the best aesthetic resultsti.e. the only one that imitates the natural appearance of teeth. Thanks to the special production technology, every metal-ceramic crown, even when the color is correct, always differs from natural teeth precisely because of its impermeability to light, they look cloudy, "dead". THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH METAL-FREE CERAMICS THAT IS WHY METAL-FREE CERAMICS ARE THE MATERIAL OF CHOICE FOR ACHIEVING HIGH AESTHETICS.

CAD-CAM ceramic manufacturing technology? (CIRCUSN)


Crowns made with CAD-CAM digital technology SEAL YOUR TEETH BETTER AND MORE PRECISELY. Which enables BETTER ACCEPTANCE OF THE CROWNS BY YOUR DENS (THEY HAVE A NATURAL APPEARANCE and do not react with redness or hypertrophy, which is often the case with metal-ceramics).


The method of making metal-free ceramics involves COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY: Your teeth are   SCANNED with intraoral 3D scanners,   and then based on the computer-processed three-dimensional image, the future restoration is designed, and after that, the CAD-CAM machine cuts the restoration FROM THE READY FACTORY CERAMIC BLOCK. In contrast to the production of metal ceramics where the process of making the substructure is done manually and where the possibility of error is much greater.

The substructure of BEZMETAL CERAMICS is made of CERAMICS, which allows light to pass through the metal-free teeth just like through a natural tooth and unlike metal-ceramics, which uses a metal substructure that is opaque and thus prevents the penetration of light.


CERAMIC, unlike metal, is 100% BIOCOMPATIBLE, i.e. The body does not react to it like it does to metal.

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